Gourami Chili Paste-HotChili 70g


Emphasis on being a Thai red curry paste to the taste of gourami fish and the mixture of fresh coconut milk.

Categories : Salid Processing


Develop products to meet the needs, increase convenience, meet the lifestyle of modern people and increase the value of consumers' favorite dishes.
☑️Tasty and Nutritious for every occasion
☑️100% fish meat , no flour ,high protein
☑️No artificial flavor enhancers (MSG) and no preservatives
☑️Use a spicial technogy to extract oil out ,trans fat =0%
☑️standard GPM and license FDA No.72-2-01560-6-0008
☑️ shelf life 3 Month
Crispy gourami 75%
Fried Onions 10%
Garlic 8%
Chilli 5 %
Sugar 2 %
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