Crispy Gourami Fish 150g-TOMYAM Flavor


Premium quality , tasty and nutritious for every occasion 100% fish meat no preservatives clean standard GPM and the license Halal No. 44 N693 003 02 65

Categories : Crispy Gourami

Brand : MR.CHAMP


Crispy Gourami 150g TOMYAM Flavor by Mr.Champ
Develop products to meet the needs, increase convenience, meet the lifestyle of modern people and increase the value of consumers' favorite dishes. For example, Crispy Gourami Fish Salad, Crispy Gourami Spaghetti, Crispy Gourami Fish Basil, etc.

☑️Tasty and Nutritious for every occasion
☑️100% fish meat , no flour ,high protein
☑️No artificial flavor enhancers (MSG) and no preservatives
☑️Use a spicial technogy to extract oil out ,trans fat =0%
☑️standard GPM and license FDA No.72-2-01560-60004 and Halal No.44 N693 003 02 65
☑️ shelf life 6 Month

GouramiFish : 95%
iodized salt : 2%
rice bran oil : 1%
Tom Yum condimen  2%

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